The Long Shot Exp. – Six Bars of Soul Vol.2

Once again I’ve sat down to write about another essential release from the Long Shot Exp. and discovered that I can’t beat their press release. So here it is in all it’s entirety without any silly puns from me…

To celebrate their fifth year The Long Shot Exp. will be launching new products and revisiting some of their favourite styles from the last five years. So far they’ve introduced us to their take on the ‘dad cap’, a casual corduroy piece called Bob, and taken us back to year dot with the ‘No.1’ bucket hat, a limited remake of their very first product.

This week they’ve opened pre-orders for volume two of the Six Bars of Soul series. A series of six printed t-shirts that celebrate some of the Long Shot’s favourite records. Volume two focuses on the progressive British music scene of the late 80s and 90s. A time that saw the birth of Rave culture, Acid Jazz, Trip-Hop, Jungle and more. The creators and pioneers of this time brought international influences and origins to the table, chewed them up and spat them back out in a form of energy unique to the people and cities of the UK.

Part one of the series takes us deep into the heart of the Black Country. Goldie’s ’Inner City Life’ was released 25 years ago and still rattles your bones with its energy and soul to this day. The graphic, which is printed in reflective ink, shows the modernist façade of Wolverhampton’s School of Art and the custom typography was developed directly from the buildings windows. British Modern x modern Britain, the concrete utopias of 1960s architecture became, by the 1980s, claustrophobic pressure cookers that produced some of this country’s greatest music.

Printed in Manchester on 100% organic cotton T-shirts produced in Fair Wear Foundation certified factories. Pre-orders close this Sunday, 16 February. Available exclusively from shop.thelongshotexp.uk


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