The Longshot Exp. AW17 Hats

The Longshot Experiment have been making beautiful, hand-crafted and individually made hats in Manchester since 2015. Influenced by subcultural styles familiar to all Proper readers, Long Shot designs are developed from images and imaginings found in classic and contemporary culture. All their styles are interpretations rather than replicas, where folk-lore and myth are as important in getting a style ‘right’ as dimensions and material. All of The Long Shot Exp. hats are made one at a time and are individually numbered, this ensures each Long Shot product is truly unique.

The AW 17 collection first caught my eye on Instagram, standing-out from the scroll due to their stunning use of colour and fabrics. Beautiful Autumnal hues fill their feed, made from fabrics that so transcend the megapixels you can almost feel them.

The Austin Worker’s Cap is a dreamboat of a winter cap, with a soft peak, reinforced earflaps and all-round beauty. It’s constructed using amazing moleskin fabric from Brisbane Moss based in the Lancashire mill town of Todmorden, who have been weaving corduroy and moleskin fabrics since the middle of the 19th Century.

The Felix is a classic style bucket hat in gorgeous corduroy. As Longshot themselves say “its DNA lies somewhere between LL Cool J circa 1985 and Hunter S. Thompson” which is as good a product description from a brand as you’re gonna get frankly.

Have a look at their Instagram here and then go and treat yourself here.


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