The Microdot Boutique is back open and bigger than before!

In these days when every high street tends to have the same generic shops you could find pretty much anywhere else on the planet, it’s comforting to know there are still some truly unique retail experiences in existence. I mean where else can you sit on a church pew with your feet on a Verve rug and stare directly at the fireplace from the cover of Definitely Maybe? Kendal, that’s where.

The architect of the 1990s music scene and top pal of Proper, Brian Cannon has re-opened his Microdot Boutique in Kendal this week, having used lockdown to extend the store and double its size to offer an even more mind-blowing shopping experience. Packed with memorabilia and merch from his impressive archive of work as well as some vintage military jackets walking in the Boutique will put you into sensory overload as you gaze in wonder(wall) at the actual Gloverall duffle coat Liam wore on the cover of Roll With It.

The perfect excuse for a trip to the Lake District as well as a welcome break for your legs if you’re on a hiking holiday you can find the Microdot Boutique at 3 New Shambles, Kendal, LA9 4TS and tell Brian we said hi!

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