The Monocle Guide to Good Business


Thinking of setting up your own business and want some helpful advice from someone who isn’t a complete, dead-behind-the-eyes square who wears really bad suits/shirts/ties and just won’t get your amazing 24-hour psychedelic sock delivery idea? Then get yourself a copy of this handy book The Monocle Guide to Good Business which is full of sage advice on how to take your idea from back of fag packet through to the sweet, sweet smell of success. It’s full of inspiring stories, easy on the eye info graphics, suggestions on how best to set up your office and even a guide to hassle-free use of Metal Business Kards.  Make this guide your business bible and you’ll find the priceless experience of Monocle’s network of entrepreneurs the perfect way to plough ahead with your plans for global domination. Just remember us when you’re absolutely fucking minted though yeah? Get your P.A. to buy your copy (which you can write off against your tax bill) HERE.

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