The New Nomads (gestalten)


Sadly this sexy new coffee table book isn’t about an early 90s dance act making a comeback but please don’t let that put you off.

This fine travel tome is all about the modern movers and shakers of this world who will move around the globe at the drop of the hat surviving only on fruits, berries, organically sourced chai lattes and the most basic of wifi signals. If I sound bitter it’s because I am as I would love to join this creative band of brothers and the multi-contintental lifestyles that they lead. Thanks to the internet there’s never been a better time to live life on the move as the new nomadic generation can set up shop/office/studio pretty much anywhere from Chilean caravan to Canadian coffee shop, the world is their oyster (card). I feel I must warn you though as once you pick up this book you’ll be up and off quicker that you can say “one way easyjet flight to Istanbul please!”

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