The New Outsiders – A Creative Life Outdoors (Gestalten)

If, like us here at Proper you’ve vowed to #getouthere more often, then this new book from Gestalten should whet your appetite for adventures on a global scale. Alongside some truly astounding photography The New Outsiders also introduces the reader to a variety of mavericks who are making their mark on the world in a variety of resourceful and responsible ways. This visual road trip takes in such life affirming pursuits as free diving, trekking, cycling, free climbing, fishing and surfing whilst meeting pioneers and producers along the way. A guide to living your best life as well as the the most beautiful wildernesses around, this is a book that will hopefully change your outlook if not your life.

(Image credits: p. 110 »Photo Suech and Beck, from The New Outsiders, gestalten 2019«p. 126 »Photo Laura Austin, from The New Outsiders, gestalten 2019«p. 133 »Photo Aimee Bartee/Chase Bartee, from The New Outsiders, gestalten 2019«pp. 176-177 »Photo Reinhard Fichtinger, from The New Outsiders, gestalten 2019«)

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