The North Face CMYK Collection

Being one of the editors of an independent quarterly menswear magazine (issue 27 out now btw) the printing process is clearly something very close to my heart. As are big outdoor jackets and boots that are made for walking up mountains in. Which needless to say is why my interest has been piqued to it’s maximum amount by the North Face CMYK collection that’s inspired by the four pillars of print cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Together these noble colours combine forces in infinitesimal ways to make the world of print a far more joyous and rainbow riddled affair in magazines such as ours. For this collection TNF have focussed on iconic pieces such as the 1996 Nuptse Jacket, 1990 Mountain Jacket, and their Back to Berkeley boots and given them a futuristic/colourful makeover with incredibly appealing engineered woven uppers. Further proof (if it were needed) that print is definitely not dead, it’s alive, it’s kicking and it’s keeping us all lovely and warm this Autumn.

The TNF CMYK Collection will be arriving at Working Class Heroes here tomorrow.


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