The North Face White Label AW14 Lookbook


Quick, reactivate Facebook and get messaging that Korean kid from school.

He was Korean, right? Let’s hope so. And let’s also hope that he has family out there who are willing to ship some of this lovely, exclusive to South Korea, North Face White Label goodness over to you.

Sometimes, certain things just tick all the boxes and North Face has released a lookbook, for its Autumn/Winter ’14 White Label collection, which does just that. On sale in South Korea, with jackets that look perfect for both day trekking down the Appalachian trail and walking back from the chippy on a wet and windy Tuesday in Heptonstall, this collection looks mega. The hood on the red waterproof jacket looks like the best hood you’ve seen since the original Thunderbirds. The Hood? He was the baddie? Oh, whatever, just forget it because some of the bags look just as good too, the tweed backpack and yellow daypack being personal favourites. You’d definitely win at bags, rocking up to work or uni with one of those. Take a hike, Mr. Kanken.

If it was to be described via a hypothetical collaboration, it would be; Uber-Hyped Far Eastern Market Only Label X Instagramed to Shit Twenty Something British Day Walker. Which is just what you want. Feast on said goodness here and, if you can fathom Korean, here.




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