The Outsiders – New Outdoor Creativity (Gestalten)


theoutsiders_pressphoto_front_webWhen issue 12, our hikerdelic issue sold out in record time, we realised we weren’t alone in our love of exploring the great outdoors in authentic, acid induced attire. So if like us you share a love of peaking in the Peak Distirct and getting caned in canoes whilst looking like a PE teacher on peyote then boy do I have a book for you. Gestalten’s The Outsiders is no less than a hikerdelic brand bible, littered with jaw droppingly beautiful illustrations, product/lifestyle shots and features on experts and innovators from the coolest outdoor labels (including Proper collaborators Topo Designs & Ben Lamb). All of which are helpfully divided up into chapters; Hiking, Surfing, Cycling, On the Road, Snow and Water. So if you’ve ever wanted to become a full time kammok dwelling, acid rambling, cabin porn-star then this is the book for you, an incredibly beautiful collection of words and images that is without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve seen all year. You know when you feel like a book has been made specifically with you in mind? Yeah well, that. From tepee to terrace house no home should be without a copy of this work of aspirational outdoor wonder.