The Postcard Age – Selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection



Postcard AgeBack in the early1900s people went seriously mental for postcards and the rectangular works of art were sent around the globe every day in ridiculous amounts (in 1909 for example, 833 million stamps for postcards were used in the UK alone) with the same amount if not more being stashed away by obsessive collectors/geeks. Rather than saucy seaside situations, back then your typical postcard though perhaps less cheeky were far more revealing about the world at large. In particular they depicted the rapidly changing areas of art, transport, technology, women’s rights, sport and pastimes around the globe not to mention the rise of fascism and all things war. Thames & Hudson’s ‘The Postcard Age’ features nearly 400 examples of postcards from this unique and artistic era, taken from Chairman Emeritus of the Whitney Museum of American Art Leonard E Lauder’s life long collection. It makes you think what will our forebears have to look back on as a document of our culture doesn’t it? A couple of million jpegs of funny captioned cats and a bloke singing about discount fish?





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