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Being a small business owner, a bag is essential for storing all the small business owner essentials that a small business owner needs. I carry all-sorts in mine. And midget gems.



The Dirk backpack from Dutch total-bagmakers Property Of is one of the best-designed and well made products of the last 12 months easily up there with the  Ipad Air, the Cashca x 6876 Sonora and the new Golden Virginia pouches that come with Rizla stuck inside.

Part of the Amsterdam series, the Dirk is a sleek, sturdy sonofabitch of a backpack with just the right number of handy pockets which are in a variety of handy sizes, which is handy for all those small business owner essentials. Made from new stuff that’s tough, multi-textured and techy but finished with old stuff (the zips especially are TDF) so it looks rugged, smart and heritagey.


TBF, the TDF zips really are cool and the leather finishing on the straps is displays proper commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It’s a beautifully finished garment (is a bag a ‘garment’?) that, if I was a tosser (leave it), I’d call a ‘cracking bit of kit’.

Apparently the Property Of designers took their inspiration for the Dirk from cargo-pants so they’re bang-on trend as London tells me cargo- pants are back ‘in’. What’s ‘in’ isn’t really important and the Dirk sneers in the face of trends, smug in its knowledge that it will last a lot longer than you will…the sturdy bastard.


According to the ‘store locator’ on their website you can buy Property Of… bags from just a single store in the UK, John Lewis on Oxford St. in London but the ‘store locator’ was last updated by Henrik in March 2013 (Them Dutch eh?) and they’ve not got any left so you’re best off trying the Internet.

Michael Richardson @realsuedeshoes


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