The Rap Quotes Coast to Coast (Dokument)

Since 2013, multi-disciplinary artist Jay Shells (Jason Shelowitz) has been traveling to major US cities and installing his Rap Quotes campaign. Having brought his unique campaign to New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston and the Bay Area so far.

Those bright sparks at Dokument they’ve created an accompanying publication that’s part art book and part guide book titled “The Rap Quotes Coast to Coast”. Encompassing Jay’s work it takes the reader on a new kind of journey, via some stunning photography from Aymann Ismail that offer context for the hip hop lyrics that mark locations in these major cities. Each city/chapter opens with remarks by local hip hop journalists and ends with a map plotting every site-specific rap lyric for that city, giving the reader the ability to take their own hip hop-specific tour of the city they love. The Rap Quotes campaign is ongoing, and in the next few years will launch in Chicago, New Orleans, Miami and other cities around the globe.

Buy a copy of The Rap Quotes Coast to Coast here.


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