The Real McCoy’s Summer Tees


When you think about it there are really just two types of t-shirt you can own. The first is the kind you buy fairly cheaply or on a whim that ends up being worn a few times before soon losing it’s shape/appeal and becoming relegated to bed or house-hold chore wear whilst the other type becomes like a second layer of skin to see you through the summer and perhaps beyond when it’s layering up time. The Real McCoy’s tees are definitely of the latter variety being made from 100% cotton with the type of authentic vintage detailing and construction that you only get from something that’s made in Japan where those things really matter.

The ever amazing Superdenim have an impressive array of the Real McCoy’s tees on offer this summer as well as the brand’s more recognisable military motifs there’s also some beautiful ‘made to fade’ over-dyed tees, insanely cool 1950s style slubby striped Buco numbers as well as a couple of loopwheel tees emblazoned with classic Albert Vargas pin-up girls on. I’d already started umming and aahing about what to wear to various fashion related trade-shows coming up this month, though now I’ve seen all these amazing tees I think I’m pretty much sorted. I’m just gonna keep it real (McCoys),

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