The Sebago Oi Polloi Portland

Think of good clothes and you think of Oi Polloi, think of mint boating footwear and you think of Sebago, so it’s only natural the two got together to make a mega, super deck-shoe. Combining the upper from Sebago’s most well-known silhouette the Dockside, with the slim green sole of the lesser-known Shooner, the Sebago Oi Polloi Portlands are things of beauty.

Taking inspiration from the kind of deck-shoes worn by the Paninari across Milan throughout the 1980s, the new combinations of leather and nubuck create a slim-lined, sportier looking version of the common deck-shoe.

They come in the classic brown colourway (cognac, to be precise) and a newer forest green and cinnamon colourway, the latter taken from a sample shoe found deep in the archives of the Sebago war chest.

To accompany the collaboration, a Paninari-inspired lookbook and short film have been made by the good people of The Rig Out, directed by Bolton’s finest boss man Glenn Kitson.

The Sebago Oi Polloi Portlands are available now from the Oi Polloi website, as well as in their Manchester and Soho stores all for a mere £130, which isn’t bad to look like a boss all summer.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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