The Soultwins Podcast Episode 2

Soul Twins

It’s Friday, it’s sunny and, let’s be honest, you’re doing next to nothing at work and if you’re gonna be unproductive you might as well do it along to the proper vibe, courtesy of The Soultwins. It certainly beats listening to Fat Carol from accounts moaning about her swollen ankles.

The Soultwins, a.k.a. Stu and Jeff, have delved further into their record boxes and put together the second of their monthly podcasts, serving up Prince, Gangstarr and plenty of other rare Friday-sunshine-goodness in between. Episode 1 was enjoyed by plenty of clued up folk over in Kenya, so where were you? Don’t worry, Episode 2 is here now, so fill your boots.

Hit the link, grab a drink and smell the weekend.

Listen and Download Here.


1. Eddie Kendricks – My People Hold On
2. Prince – She’s Always In My Hair
3. Ty Tribbett – Mighty
4. Vivian Green – Frantic (Dilla Mix)
5. Grand Puba – Back It Up
6. Gangstarr – Blowin’ Up The Spot
7. Jay-Z – Aint no playa (Rae & Christian mix)
8. Nas ft Mary J Blige – Reach out
9. Lady – Get ready (Reggae Mix)
10. Radio City ft Badjka – The Hop
11. Channel Live – Reprogram
12. Ill Brothers – Funk Neck
13. Once Was Nice – Messin’ Around (Wideboyz mix)

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