The Specials 19-19 Fred Perry Shirts

A clash of the collaborative titans is happening today in the guise of three exclusive shirts made by Fred Perry that celebrate 40 years since The Specials released their eponymous album. Designed by lifelong fans of the band and Fred Perry collaborators, Art Comes First each shirt celebrates that progressive first LP and the journey the band have been on since.

Adopted by musicians and subcultures for decades, Fred Perry has had an ongoing relationship with The Specials’ Terry Hall. The legendary frontman has donned the Laurel Wreath throughout his career, a proud ambassador since his now-iconic appearance in issue 01 of The Face magazine, in which he wore a black V-neck tennis jumper. His relationship with Fred Perry has been cemented over the years with special live performances, most recently at The 100 Club last February.

The patches on one style have been taken from The Specials’ recent tour in which protest signs were used as part of the set design on-stage. The 79-19 shirt celebrates the band’s incredible 40 years with a bold print application, plus their new album tittle knitted into the cuffs.

The Specials 79-19 Fred Perry Shirts are available to purchase online at fredperry.com now.


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