The Walt Disney Film Archives (Taschen)


If you’re in need of an artistic, emotional and multi-sensory blow out then forget all about mind-altering drugs or new age religions and instead watch a Disney film that was made between 1921 and 1968. As it was during this golden era of animation that Walt Disney unleashed his technicolored talent for story-telling onto a world and pretty much changed all our lives forever. For the latest in their expansive Film Archive series Taschen have chosen to cover this period of Walt’s work, from the early days of Silly Symphonies and his first feature-length film Snow White right through to his final funky masterpiece The Jungle Book. Despite a plethora of insightful interviews, behind the scenes stories and expert essays it’s perhaps still no surprise to learn that the images in this book are the real stars of the show. Produced with the assistance of the Walt Disney Archives and Disney’s famous Animation Research Library there’s a wealth of detailed illustrations and previously unseen photographs that will amaze and impress. Providing a bumper book of goodies to children to pore over and instantly transporting the rest of us you back to the days when wayward wooden boys, wicked witches, tick-tocking crocs and soporific snakes ruled the roost.

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