The Wenlock Jacket by Collective Noun x The Casual Connoisseur

The Stockport Supreme lads have done it again and this time they have teamed up with that classy London outfit Collective Noun. I thought about including a load of spiel which deconstructed the nomenclature of both brands before arriving at a really good name for a pair jackets of this standard and exclusivity but this is no time for wordplay. It’s time for #coats.

Make no mistake, this jacket exists in its own right but builds on the previous incarnation of Connoisseur’s earlier cagoules. The Wenlock Jacket steps it up a gear though. Think evolution not revolution; as this lot also like to evolve and not revolve. Including the design and production quality commonly seen with stuff from Collective Noun, this collaboration also includes the subtle, knowing and somewhat tongue in cheek details expected from something by the brand with two Cs. All of a sudden, the Beat-A-Storm has stepped it up a gear, gone all adolescent and morphed into The Wenlock; growing an inner Airtex lining, a fancy patch on the arm and buying itself a fake I.D. to go for a pint down by the canal. Named after, what Tom at Connoisseur calls, ‘the perfect pub’ The Wenlock is designed and manufactured in London, albeit with a strong Stockport influence. Like most great ideas before this one, Sam (Collective Noun), Tom and Dan (Connoisseur) came up with the idea for this jacket in said pub; which has been open since 1835, survived The Blitz and serves as the Collective Noun local. It will also be hosting a Wenlock launch party on 29th August.

The jacket comes in two colours – a classic royal blue and mentally brilliant yellow – and limited to only 100 pieces, each individually numbered. So, like the Weir bobble hats, these should disappear quicker than a pasty in Fizz off Coronation Street’s handbag. You better get your missus to get off Instagram and your teenage lad to log off PornHub when these go live next week; you’ll need that broadband connection all to yourself. In the meantime, enjoy a behind the scenes promo video and preview pictures.

Released week commencing August 25th.

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Collective Noun X The Casual Connoisseur

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