The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads


This magnificent new book from Abrams has even managed to out Wes Anderson Wes Anderson such are the sky high levels of charm, charisma and all round artiness contained within it’s tastefully curated pages. Yes I just said curated. San Francisco’s illustrious Spoke Gallery are the brains behind this terrific tome as a way to showcase the immense work featured in their Bad Dads exhibition which started back in 2011 and has since featured over 400 different artists’ interpretations of different characters from all of Wesley’s films from Bottle Rocket to Budapest. Though bound by a common theme there’s a diverse range of mediums, ranging from sculptures to screen prints with each one managing to capture some of the enigmatic director’s cinematic style and magic. The royal (Tenenbaum) seal of approval comes via the foreword which has been written by main man Mr Anderson himself who appears to fully approve of his fantastic worlds leaping out of celluloid and onto the canvas and as books go it is a something of a masterpiece.

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