“Time to come out of your Summer closet” by Greg Atkins

Found yourself suitably under-dressed recently? You ventured out in just a t-shirt early on a Saturday night only to find your beer jacket isn’t enough to keep the nip in the air at bay? Yep, thought so. It’s now time to stop pretending that you’re back in Majorca or for the less discerning, Magaluf, and be a man about the seasons. Admit it, summer is over. Look, there it is I said it.

You don’t want to fall into that trap, the hapless male dressed in last season’s gear. Although certain sections of society are persistent offenders and can’t be helped. Yes, that means you Humphrey and Rupert, in your boat shoes and Ralph cardigan on a crisp autumnal evening. But as I said you’re forgiven lads. You’ll have to stay cold and have your ankles exposed as you saunter down the King’s Road, it’s not like Imelda’s going to think you look daft. You’re quite brilliant in her eyes, well your father’s Chateau in Provence is, but you’ll never realise that. I don’t want to be accused of being classist so yes chaps, that K-Way cagoule you picked up to brave the Heaton Park rain isn’t going to cut it either.

I appreciate that you want to give that commemorative Perry you picked up a few weeks ago an airing, but that and your beer jacket alone come midnight isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to have to get yourself a decent lightweight jacket to tide you over. Well that is until you’re clearing your driveway of snow. It is then and only then that you are allowed to get your Barbour from under the stairs or spend half of next year’s holiday budget on that Stone Island coat you fancy.

On a serious note, don a winter coat in the current uncertain climate and you risk doing your best impression of a 55 year woman old with a hot flush. Now the whole business of getting fixed up with a lightweight jacket can sound a bit daft and perhaps the term isn’t one I’d use in general conversation. But to provide a term of reference I’m going to call these jackets ‘lightweight autumn jackets.’ I’ve just said the term out loud to myself and yes, I sound like a right helmet. I’ve picked out a few jackets to pull you out of your summer closet, suitably attired for the change of seasons.

*One of the jackets isn’t strictly lightweight.

Baracuta G9 Slim Fitting Harrington (Dark Navy) £135 @ Oi Polloi 

An absolute classic, you can look smart and potentially a bit dangerous in this.

YMC Zip Hooded Waxed Jacket (olive) £250 @ YMC 

Perfect for an afternoon on the terraces. N.B. hood not to be utilised in shopping centres.

Mackintosh Clisham Jacket (Jaffa & Caramel)@ end £825

Quality coat. Re-work of the famous Mackintosh ‘Mac’, corduroy collar is a nice touch.Blackpoolwouldn’t let Ian Holloway have it as his ‘club coat’, big contract with Sonetti apparently.

APC Herringbone Wool Bomber Jacket £365

Picture yourself sat outside sipping an espresso, an attractive woman in tow, decked out in this rather splendid A.P.C bomber. You could almost convince passers by that you’re a Parisian playboy. Even if you aren’t successful in pulling the wool over their eyes, you’ll still achieve optimal temperature. Less romantic admittedly but you can’t have it all.

Jet Jacket Olive Ventile @ Private White £595

Envy of the smoking shelter and not at all Neo-Nazi. This will be a little more on the heavy side, will serve you well into winter.


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