TNF x Brain Dead Extreme Pile Fleece

God bless the fleece. It brings us inner peace and keeps us warm during this time of year when the days are still sunny but the evenings start to have a wee nip in the air. Though TNF have a plethora of different fleeces to suit you every need/climate/colour scheme we keep going back to this exceptionally cool one from their latest collab with Californian reality deniers Brain Dead. A real statement piece that reminds us of the iconic stone-masters era of climbing from whence The North face was born. It’s heavyweight, ‘vintage white’ sherpa fleece contrasting beautifully with some suitably in your face co-branding this is the fleece that tells everyone that you’re the king of the mountain as well as it being more than likely you’ll have some spare Rizlas on you.

Buy a The North Face x Brain Dead Extreme Pile Fleece here.

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