TOD’S Italian Portraits (Skira)

Though we’re famous worldwide for our sartorial style, the truth is that the classic ‘English Gent’ is hard to spot on most of our High Streets these days. Conversely over in Italy, it’s hard talk a stroll and not bump into an Italian gent looking like he’s just stepped out of a Stately Home. It appears the baton of refined elegance has been passed on to our Latin cousins, and if further proof were needed luxury shoemakers Tod’s have compiled a stylish dossier of evidence in the form of Italian Portraits (by publishers Skira). Though more Cappucino than Coffee table book, this weighty tome features photos of 30 Italian men of different ages and backgrounds, all handsomely attired and looking effortlessly cool in that oh so English way, that only an Italian male can do. Needless to say their feet are all beautifully shod in some of Tod’s finest footwear, including their legendary driving shoe, a personal favourite of mine. So if you’re the kind of person who takes their inspiration from L’uomo Vogue rather than a Jacamo catalogue, then this unashamedly aspirational book is just for you. Italians do it better, like Madonna used to say…


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