[Mix] Tokyo Matt : Nihon Hikerdelic

Matt Best (tokyomatt) is a long term resident of Asia, after moving out to Japan from his native Yorkshire in 2000 with the intention of catching the World Cup finals in 2002 and then heading back to Leeds shortly after for a proper brew.

Fourteen years later and Matt is still in Asia, but now residing in Hong Kong and promoting monthly parties under the moniker of Otaku Sound System with fellow expats Johnny Hiller and Samo DJ.

Before moving to Hong Kong Matt co-ran a left-field music night and radio show for six years in Tokyo along with Dr Rob Harris from Test Pressing.


This mix is in honour of Yuichiro Miura (三浦 雄一郎) who on May 23, 2013 ascended the summit of Mount Everest at the ripe old age of 80 years and 7 months. Proving that age is nothing but a number. Stay free..

Favourite Five (Past & Present)

Francis The Great – Look Up In The Sky (C-C Records/1977)

Joe Moks – Boys & Girls (Afrodisia/1979)

Zsou Vs Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold – WiLd HoNeYz (Lucky Hole Records/2013)

Africaine 808 – Lagos, New York (Golf Channel/2014)

Robert Wyatt – Age of Self (TUC/1985)



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