Top Ten Nice Nalgene Collabs

Though originally intended for laboratory usage Nalgene, is a brand that now sits firmly at the top of the outdoor hydration tree, who make all of their portable, leakproof drinking vessels in the USA from BPA and BPS-free materials. As Rolex are to watches and Lacoste are to polo shirts so too, Nalgene are to drinking bottles, which is why they also appear to have collaborated with some of the coolest clothing brands on the planet. So pull up a tree stump, untie your Danners, loosen up the lid and come take a swig from our top ten Nalgene collabs.

Tame Impala

As if Kevin Parker wasn’t bust enough defining the sound early twentieth century and looking dead cool he also found time to make this outback-friendly bottle with Nalgene. With $15 from sales of each of these going to COVID relief efforts Tame Impala’s glass may be half full of wine but this beauty is full to the brim with good vibes.


The king of understated cool and must-have trainer collabs, Montreal based designer Justin Saunders is a big fan of Nalgene and so fit to collaborate on this masterclass in minimalism. Less is more is always a strong vibe, apart from when it comes to Vimto that is.

And Wander

The seal of approval from Japan’s coolest outdoor brand came in the form of this appropriate mountain scene logo on this and wander hook up. Whilst its white cap is a nice nod to the snow covered peak of Mount Fuji.

Brain Dead and NTS

Creative Californian Collective decided to profess their love and admiration for their mates at online radio station NTS in the form of this total banger of a bottle. Featuring both their logos entwined together, is this the most rock ‘n’ roll receptacle of them all?


Big fans of surfing in cold waters as well as drinking loads of it, Finisterre partnered up with Nalgene to make this Cornish coast friendly canteen. Keen to keep their beaches as beautiful as possible there’s now no excuse for buying disposable plastic bottle drinks when you’re hanging ten at Harlyn Bay.


A (literally) clear indication that you’re the cream of the crop is a collab with Supreme, which happened early last year. Who kept things classy with the iconic Supreme logo whilst also keeping things (literally) cool with an additional insulating sleeve accompaniment.

Pleasures x Joy Division

Just the jar for wetting your whistle whilst walking through the Wilderness, this JD x Pleasures bottle is a great option for goths on the go. And because it’s Nalgene you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your cider and black won’t be getting spilled all over your coffin-shaped backpack. As you wander around Highgate cemetery humming ‘She’s Lost Control’ whilst looking like a back-combed panda.

Mister Green

Putting the ‘high’ into hydration the Mister Green Bong Water bottles provide the perfect solution to cottonmouth type scenarios. They’re odor-resistant too which means you can lend it your mum when she goes hiking with the local rotary club without her getting arrested, whilst the convenient loop top lid ensures you won’t lose it even when you’re ‘losing it’.


Whether you’re supping on psilocybin or slipping down some selenium then this is the flagon for you. More woke than a rooster on ritalin you place this bad boy into the frame of your Zoom meeting and everyone will know you’re the guy to lead crack the youth market on that creative crisps campaign.


Possibly the best-looking ones so far I believe these Hikerdelic ones are really good though I don’t know personally as Mark has still yet to send me one even though it was all MY idea. Hopefully, he’ll see sense after reading this and I can finally get one to fill with all my tears of bitterness and regret.


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