Top Ten Sid Waddell Quotes

1. “He’s as cool as a prized marrow!”

2. “Darts players are probably a lot fitter than most footballers in overall body strength.”

3. “Keith Deller is like Long John Silver – he’s badly in need of another leg.”

4. “Cliff Lazarenko’s jumping up and down like a gorilla saying “give me back my banana!”

5. “He may practice 12 hours a day, but he’s not shy of the burger van!”

6. “It’s just like taking a sausage from a boy in a wheelchair.”

7. “The atmosphere is so tense, if Elvis walked in ,with a portion of chips……. you could hear the vinegar sizzle on them”

8. “As they say at the DHSS, we’re getting the full benefit here.”

9 “The players are under so much duress, it’s like duressic park out there!”

10. “That was like throwing three pickled onions into a thimble!”


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