Topo Designs Light Day Pack

If you’re marauding up a mountain or simply mooching to work, this bag from Topo Designs may just be what you need. Combining versatility and functionality that the Colorado brand are synonymous with, this Light Day Pack bag can store your 15 inch laptop, overnight gear, a spare pair of trainers and a small dog (probably nothing bigger than a terrier though).

It’s also got an inner organiser pocket, so that you don’t have to go fishing for your keys/iPod/book for five minutes whilst you’re on the move.

Plus the waterproof nylon design means that when the inclement weather returns with a vengeance, said valuables aren’t going to get soaked. Important, as that wet dog would stink out your bag in jig time.

This navy colour scheme with contrasting red zip cords is available from Peggs & Son but there are further green, red and black options on the Topo website, should you feel the need for variety.

light_day_pack_-_navy_1_ (1)




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