Tote Bags at The Cartocon Co.


We’re all Metrosexuals now lads, aren’t we? Come on; admit it.

From Aberdeen to Accrington; Whitby to Windsor and everywhere in between, gents are no longer scared to admit to moisturising…after all no bugger wants flaky skin on their black Coverall cord collar do they?

Gone are the days of being concerned about smelling ‘Like a Pox Doctor’s Hanky’… we’re now all liberally splashing aftershave or beard oil with some sort of gay (?!?) abandon, hey?

Then comes the last bastion of big butch manliness; the refusal to carry a bag; either utilising and over filling your pant pockets, or passing on your keys and cards and other paraphernalia to your long suffering missus. Well hold up there Schwarzenegger, ‘cause I reckon these totes from Cartocon might just change your tiny mind.

Firstly they’re created in Dundee, Scotland. No stronger bastion of manliness than that place is there.

Secondly they’re made with right manly materials:

Either a heavy duty, super durable 22oz Canvas (made by the company that supply canvas and waxed cotton to Barbour, Cabourn and Filson) that features a fully waxed cotton liner in camo or navy. This bag is finished with leather handles and closures that have all been cut and riveted by hand (in all likelihood far more manlier hands than yours).



The alternative, smaller tote has an outer made from denim & waxed cotton mix and a lining print in digital camo; again same attention to detail, same strong construction, same material manufacturer.



Tote bags, that make you want to swing one over your shoulder; face the mirror; tense your biceps; grit your teeth and go: “GRRRRRRRRRRRR”…..

…….or just pop in your Monocle mag, a quiche you knocked up this morning and head off to the park. Because, you’re worth it!


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