Transitions Lenses, Lindberg & Ørgreen

If (like me) you ever been treacherously close to writing off a car as a result of wearing sunglasses on a really sunny day then driven into a perilously dark tunnel (on the French-Italian border) and found yourself temporarily blinded, then you’ll realise just why these Transitions lenses are such a ‘bright’ idea. As well as offering complete UV protection these stunning looking gigs also respond to your light conditions, changing from dark to clear (or clear to dark obv.) in the blink of an eye. Available with or without prescription lenses the models featured here are from two of the world’s finest frame designers Lindberg & Ørgreen who both hail from the land of design ingenuity that is Denmark. Though this superior light adaptive lens technology and iconic frames don’t come cheap they’ll make you stand out from the crowd and quite possibly stop you wrapping your motor round the central reservation of the Auto-Strada.

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