Transparent Speakers Offer Scandi Style and Sound

Two different sizes, two different prices. Transparent Speakers. Are they worth it?

transparent speakers

Transparent is a tech concept developed by Martin Willers and Per Brickstad. The pair met while working at Stockholm design studio People People for 10 years, before they hit upon a concept that would be the beginning of Transparent.

The duo “obsessed” over creating a modular and upgradeable speaker set that could stand to alleviate the sustainability issue in tech. 

It’s the familiar story: Apple, Samsung, whoever, bring out a new release every year (or less) and slowly allow their other releases to crumble and become redundant. You’re forced into buying a new one, and the planet is forced to surrender precious resources for the production process. 

The solution, argues Transparent – whose name is an aesthetic description as well as a moral one – is to create a tech with upgradable capacities, removing the dependency on new models.

The speakers undeniably look the part: tempered glass and a single aluminium uniframe showcase the entirety of the inner, with exposed – and neat – wiring and components. (Top tip – keep your fingerprints off the glass.)  

The important question: how do they sound? 

Stuff claims: “It sounds fantastic, overcoming any lingering acoustic doubts about its glass build with aplomb,” while The Independent claims: “The audio as clear as you could hope for, with a solid bass and impressively full and warm sound throughout the frequencies for a more compact speaker.” 

Both are united in their claim that the smaller version contains more bang for buck than the larger.

Head to Pockets for them both.

transparent speakers

Transparent Speakers at Pockets

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