Triads: adidas Originals Spezial Lookbook


Earlier this year I was jammy enough to get a bit of an exclusive peak at this soon to be released Spezial collection. So after having been sworn to secrecy it’s nice that the teutonic cat has been finally let out of the luxury bavarian leather/wool mix sports bag and also that Gary Aspden’s take on classic adi leisure-wear is being as warmly received as it was conceived. Luxury sportswear is a tough one to nail but the time and effort that’s gone into this gear has paid off and stays true to the aspirational European vibe that first attracted us lot to what was at first a very strange and unexplainably exciting European sports brand. Personally I can’t wait to get myself inside one of those Spezial suits and do some cold loungin in as I believe our American cousins refer to ‘having a a bit of a doss about and not really doing anything too stressful of an afternoon’.  The good people at Triads are equally as excited about the imminent arrival of this SPZL collection as we are and have put together a leisurely lookbook featuring the soon to be available adi wares you’ll be able to buy from them (if you’re quick) on October the 25th.





See more of the Triads Spezial look-book here

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