Tricker’s heritage footwear

Britain’s oldest shoemakers know a thing or two about boots and loafers.

Tricker’s was founded 1829 by Joseph Tricker and has since stood as a beacon of craftmanship. In the first hundred years of production the task of developing waterproof, hardwearing footwear was shared through three generations of Tricker’s family. It was Walter James Barltrop, his future son-in-law, who created the model of their ‘country boot’ at just seven years old. Whilst Proper doesn’t advocate child labour, we do advocate for great footwear and thats exactly what Barltrop designed.

The simple fact that a direct descendant of same shoe sits on shelves over 150 years later speaks to the timeless nature of a well made boot. Trickers output does not end here however, their brogues and loafers are some of the finest known to man and make the perfect statement at a formal function. With so much hype around garish trainers in this day and age, heritage brands like Trickers are often overlooked. That being said, you’d get a lot more shoe for your buck in a pair of their Elton Loafers from Parasol than you would from a pair of Nike Dunks from Stock X.

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