TRiCKETT Grey Paw Boots II



“Where are you gonna put them?”

“You’ve only got 2 bloody feet!”

“How are we going to eat for the rest of the month; you selfish pig?”

Recognise any of the above?  Course you do, all exclamations from our well-loved, better halves that ring in our ears on a regular basis.

In many cases, this ‘firm advice’ or ‘direct orders’ are taken sulkily on board and we pass, on another standard reissue or different colour way of a shoe silhouette we already own (about 10 times over) and eventually the initial longing and ‘need’ dies down before moving onto our next footwear target.

Sometimes however the stars align and forces outside these base ‘wants’ take control and we move from just ‘wanting’ to ‘NEEDING’.

As the weather turns, the next inaptly named storm makes its way overhead (knocking over a couple of plastic garden chairs on its way) and the leaves muddy into the ground making the #CasualDad School Run not just the usual game of ‘avoid School Gate eye contact at all costs‘ but also a newer, harder one of just staying on your feet.

What all this means is that you really do need that pair of footwear that’s going to cover off the next few months; one pair to see you safely through.  To stand you solidly at the bar and to stay in good stead as you kick hedgehogs through the leaves*.

Well we’ve found them; and beautiful boots they are too by the tip-top, toe tapping  twosome at TRiCKETT.

They’ve used their in-depth knowledge and love of all things (most things), (some things) ‘Americana‘ to produce an AW boot that takes all the best of US heritage work boots and delivers to you ready for the here and now.

Alongside leather lining and the fact they’re Goodyear welted, the practicality and traction of Vibram soles sit under that Zug leather that, you already know by looking at it, is going to age up to patina perfection and have strangers stopping you in the street asking where they came from.

Your reply is simple: “they came from Accy, with love”.






*No hedgehogs or other small mammals were hurt during the writing of this piece.


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