Trickett Winter Collection

Aside from being East Lancashire’s very own master sock-latier, the good folks at Trickett are also known for producing dead clever-space age-NASA technology tee shirts, limited edition backpacks, weekend holdalls and toiletry bags, sweatshirts and gloves and even pancake syrup (seriously). Very fittingly, as seen as today is Lancashire Day, this little hub of sock production and American candy in the deepest pocket of the Red Rose county is on the eve of launching its first ever proper collection.

Said collection includes a UK made, -30 degrees, fully bomb proof down jacket, some Kickers x Red Wing-esque boots which are made in Northampton, British wool hats, stripey cotton socks, reinforced tweed socks, deadstock fabric pyjamas, slippers lined with a full sheep worth of fleece and a shit load of peanut butter M&Ms and other treats from the USofA.

Nice. Some of it has been sneak previewed on twitter over the past couple of days so if you’re in the #coats fraternity you have most probably seen a bit of what’s on offer. As ever though – and a bit like that dodgy looking bloke selling Rayben sunglasses on the beach in Salou whilst his underpants are full of hash – Proper Mag is here to give you a little sample of the good stuff. Here’s some pictures for you to look at whilst you try to get your head around why Black Friday has become an actual thing on this side of the Atlantic.

Hit the Trickett site from Friday November 28th to purchase.

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