Trickett x Rosso Bianco Nero Pop-Up Shop

Two of the North West’s premier clothiers teamed up last weekend to open a bona fide, physical shop in Salford. With the first half of the partnership, Rosso Bianco Nero, known for limited in number, football related wears; a partnership with sports-mad Trickett clearly made sense.

I caught up with Iain, co-owner of Tricket, once he had had chance to put his feet up, to see how it went. He was pretty chuffed, “Yeah it was pretty crazy,” before adding in typically understated fashion, “it was good though.”

Customers seemed to agree; there were a hundred people queuing up around the block to get into the shop when it opened on Saturday. It was like one of those lines outside Supreme. We should send Neil down with his camcorder and some of his telly mates to film it this weekend.

trickett 4 trickett 3

The main draw was a couple of limited release, collaborative bobble hats, in honour of Manchester United’s first German international, Bastian Schweinsteiger. Under clear influence of the lads at R.B.N., although, Trickett do love to pay homage to sporting icons themselves, so a 100+ cap winning, World Cup winner is worthy inspiration. Even if a little niche to form such massive queues. Here’s Iain’s take on it

“Yeah, pretty busy, and I promise we weren’t selling something stupid like previously unseen Supreme Jelly Bean holders or anything… just a hat inspired by a German footballer. That’s probably just as weird though, to be fair.”

They are nice hats. And the punters thought so too; one of the two styles had sold out on Saturday and the other had gone by the time the weekend finished. Luckily there were plenty of other bits on offer for those who made the journey into town to pay a visit, including previously unreleased items and limited samples of other products.

Doors open once again this weekend and Trickett will be offering up new shirts, shoes and socks, and there’s likely to be plenty of other treats on offer – including more hats. Be sure not to miss out though because, as Iain says, “after this weekend, that’s it – gone. Like it was never even there at all.”


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