Trickett x Walsh Ensign

Didn’t know there was much running in Bolton did you?…..apart from away from that rough pub in Breightmet, maybe.

As a lad growing up in Lancashire in the 80’s I have been aware of Walsh and their footwear for a bit.  Either through seeing their fell running models in shop windows in The Lakes, but more likely as the butt of jokes by my older brother and pals who, decked out in Tacchini and adi Munchen, would take the piss out of these ‘special shoes’.  You see back then Walsh weren’t really, how shall we put this, ‘in’.

Well that funny old, fickle cycle of fate and fashion, now sees Walsh and their footwear in a new light.

As a purely ‘British’ enterprise, from the design to the hand manufacture (they are the only domestic sportswear brand manufacturing on these shores) Walsh’s stock has soared over the last few years. Increased on the back of people’s interest and want for ‘Made in England’ authenticity and heritage.




Now stocked by many of the best menswear stores including stalwarts Oi Polloi, the recent growth of their ‘Casual’ side of the business, sees Walsh looking to their archive and producing quality models for a whole new consumer.

British (Lancashire) Brand and Pal of ProperMag, Trickett has been aware of and worked closely with Walsh for a few years now.  Following on from the success of their Mark 1 release together last year, in the form of the Harrier model, this Saturday sees the Lancashire duo (no, not Cannon & Ball) extend their collaborative partnership to bring you Trickett’s take on the new Ensign model.


Using the same Trickett Team colourway as last time (Royal Blue, Grey, and White) on the suede, nylon and leather uppers this highly limited release is a case of ‘Evolution not Revolution’ according to Iain at Trickett.


‘We wanted to produce a shoe with a traditional athletic feel, but without being too much like a Geography teacher on an away day’.


The sole unit continues that traditional theme, constructed from Vibram, a choice material that was much used for running shoes back in the 70’s and  80’s. It moves every time you stride meaning minimal dirt gets caught up on the sole therefore preventing slippages….though it is still unproven on the piss soaked lino flooring of your local at Friday closing.


Highly limit in numbers, what sets this release apart is the Trickett Team’s attention to detail in the ‘value added extras’ they send out with the release.


An artist designed and British made teatowel (featuring an image of the shoe), handwritten note, US baseball card and bubblegum, and for the first 10 fastest purchasing fingers a pair of free socks.  These aren’t gimmicks, and the shoe clearly sells itself, they are however a way to make parting with your hard earned cash that little bit easier.


Saturday 5th October is the date.  9:00 am, the time. £90, the price.  Only available through the Trickett online store here:



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