TRiCKETT x Walsh Seoul 88 Trainers

IMG_4247 Three. It’s the magic number innit. We know; De La told us so (well Bob Dorough told us first, but he wasn’t a part of our teenage party soundtracks).

Three’s the noble number; a rounding off of the trilogy, the number of dimensions that humans can perceive, an old school solid left back.

So it seems apt that our East Lancashire pals TRiCKETT are releasing the third in their ongoing series of collaborative trainers with Bolton sports-shoe-smiths Norman Walsh.

We featured Part Two (The Ensign) just over a year ago, and the tag line “Evolution not Revolution” illustrating a move forwards in design without breaking too far from tradition, is still well relevant.

The model chosen for TRiCKETT to work their magic upon is the Seoul ’88 and this time they’ve moved things up an extra gear. Suede, leather and premium heavy-duty nylon has all been sourced from the UK and for this model TRiCKETT have moved away from the bright royal blue used in the first two releases to a more subtle navy. (They do, however, acknowledge their ‘roots’ with the flash of blue contained within the midsole). IMG_4290IMG_4250IMG_4676 Still wholly designed, cut and manufactured in England, it is though the extras that Team TRiCKETT expertly ‘chuck in’ like a Quarterback stealing an offensive play that get us going (get me trying to be all American Sports Hipster, just to fit in – I don’t even know if quarter backs ‘steal plays’ or not.)

You want socks, shoe bag, pin badge and ace leather ‘lace jewel’ alongside the shoes themselves? Well like an American GI giving out ciggies and nylons to your great nan during the 2nd World War, TRiCKETT are equally generous (and hopefully expect less ‘hanky panky’ in return.) IMG_4665

Highly limited in numbers, with a large majority already taken through preorders, the TRiCKETT x Walsh MKIII Seoul 88 is available from 9am Saturday 25th October.

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  1. In the 1980’s a famous phrase in my playground was ‘Accrington Stanley, who are they?’ Only having an ‘in joke’ of course. But trickett proffers a quality product that I would recommend (those who know me or have read previous comments, understand this is something I didn’t do lightly) and I am so pleased that proper magazine is offering its support.

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