TSPTR – Peanuts Collection


If you’re not careful, going all Retro Americana can have you in Superdry or Hollister territory quicker than you can say “shite hoodies with invented heritage”.

Now I’ve done 3 Hail Marys, for having darkened the (virtual) pages of Proper by mentioning THOSE brands, lets move onto something based around true American heritage.

Even though TSPTR as a brand hail from these shores, it’s across the pond that they look to for inspiration. Nowhere better to look for a proper slice of U.S. history (other than Fred Savage and the guys in The Wonder Years) than to Charles M Schultz’s 1960’s and 70’s cartoon Peanuts, and it’s leaders of the pack: Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

T(ruth) S(ymmetry) P(leasure) T(aste) R(ecognition) – bloody mouthful that isn’t it – have used images inspired by Peanuts (and the Vietnam war – though that’s a bit less upbeat) to adorn their new collection.

Coach jackets, tees and sweats all get the ‘Peanuts Treatment’ – there has to be a ‘blue’ joke in there somewhere, but I’m going to refrain from telling it – with humorous graphics adorning the collection.



If it’s all a bit ‘my sister was into it, but I was too busy reading Shoot or watching Kickstart to really give a shit about Peppermint Patty or whoever’ then you can still give a ‘knowing-nod’ to Charlie Brown, by picking up the ace C.B. inspired socks.



Various items from the collection are available now from our friends The Great Divide or Number Six London.


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