Tuk Tuk Contrast Pop Over Shirt

Pop over here and have a look at this shirt. It proper tuk my eye as something ideal for summer and it’s probably tuk yours too.

TukTuk have been covering my back for years now. Providing smart, stylish and often completely unique shirts, for wholly reasonable amounts of your hard earned, this company are onto a winner. Especially whilst offering seemingly endless amounts of madras checks and nicely garish prints. In fact, some of their shirts are so unique, they’re provided by a bespoke service from their offices out in Sri Lanka. Imagine that, shirts made solely to your request, in an office, in the land of tea, cricket and civil war. All for under a tonne an all.

Anyway, back to the shirt in hand – or is that on your back? Whatever – this off-white pop over shirt just looks like perfect summer sunshine. Undo those buttons, roll up the sleeves and open another cold one, you’ve earned it, if only for looking like a modern day Jesus* with a chilled red label Peroni in his hand.

Plus, what’s more, the cotton-linen mix means you won’t be too stuffy during the afternoon and the long sleeves mean you can shore up a little once the barbecue starts dying down. Double win. So pop over to New Fangle and get involved.

Fuck off, I can use puns twice. Go tuk yourself.



*Here’s you. Looking like Jesus;

tuktuk Jesus

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