tuk-tuk Swimwear SS16

How ace does Finding Dory look? I think the massive octopus and Solsbury Hill were the real clinchers for me if I’m honest. Yep, I’m deffo taking the kids to see it this summer, even though the youngest will probably spend most of the time running around the cinema shouting ‘where’s the fish?’ and hiding behind the curtains as I try to coax him back to his seat with a bag of over-priced pix-n-mix. This fishy follow-up has also got me thinking about appropriate dipping attire for the forthcoming holiday season and I found myself looking in the direction of tuktuk. Those guys know the coup when it comes to this kind of swim-based schmutter and happen to have a brand new selection of well summery printed shorts out. The designs are a text-book tuktuk tropicalia and you’ll find toucans, flamingos, waves, (modernist) pineapples and palms featured on these lightweight, 100% waterproof  beach-side beauties. Last one in the pool’s a dickhead!

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