tuktuk record boxes / new collection


If you’re a vinyl head and frankly who isn’t? Then, hard though it is to part with precious record buying cash, you really should fork out a few quid to protect your beloved grooves by way of a record box or two. Ideal for intimate house parties or 100K rig mega-raves, the record box is the DJ’s best mate, a cuboid(ish) oasis of calm and order, where anthems and other evening related ‘accessories’ live together in perfect harmony. Let’s face it a record box is the nearest thing us blokes will get to waltzing in somewhere with a Chanel handbag in terms of kudos, so you may as well have something eye-catching as well as massively practical to get yourself noticed. Step forward tuk-tuk whose new collection of colourful record boxes can be found on sale at some of the finest vinyl emporiums in the UK including Piccadilly records, Banquet, Juno, Rough Trade and Union Music Store as well as online HERE.


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