TukTuk x Grants1856 Shirt

I’ve always liked TukTuk shirts. I just wish I knew for a fact whether it was Tuk Tuk, TukTuk or tuktuk*… ah, who gives a -.

This latest collaboration arrives on the back of some great work, over the past few years, with brands such as Connoisseur, The Stockport Supreme, and passes more than a resemblance to this earlier piece from tuktuk.

Grants have crossed paths with the lads from tuktuk at various times over the years, by the sound of things, so a joint piece was probably a fun process for all involved. The end product has a timeless looking grandad collar on a popover shirt, includes a neat cut to the sleeves and some subtle hem details and buttons. It’s also a limited edition piece.

Get yourself one via Grants now. Link below the pics.

TUKTUK-x-Grants-1856-Shirt_-Light-Blue3 TUKTUK-x-Grants-1856-Shirt_-Light-Blue4 TUKTUK-x-Grants-1856-Shirt_-Light-Blue5 TUKTUK-X-GRANTS18562 TUKTUK-X-GRANTS18567

Buy one here.

*It’s ‘tuktuk’.

Edited on 03/12/15 due to loads of shit typos. Soz about that.

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