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Its all well and good being kitted out in the finest gear available to man but if you’re wearing a pair of Fred Flintstone boxers and a Primark vest underneath it all then quite frankly, you’re a dickhead. Its one thing looking good but feeling good is just as, if not more important if you want our humble/valuable opinion plus you never know when you’re going to be in an accident, right mum? We’ve covered socks before on here, so you should have you’ve no excuse for unfashionable feet, but what of the torso? Well, I’m glad you asked, as there’s a new luxury underwear brand in town called ‘UNDER’ and it looks pretty damn good. Coming out of London via Amsterdam and manufactured in Portugal their seven piece collection takes it’s styling inspiration from Gold rush era America whilst the names of the pieces themselves seem to come from 70s funksters Steely Dan with their ‘Walter’ boxers and ‘Becker’ grand-dad shirts. Produced using only the finest premium quality cotton, mixed with chambray and light twill mercerised and marl jerseys the garments combine knitted and woven fabrics to make them more durable and help retain their form. The fact that ex-Acid Jazzer Kieron Hurley is the brains behind the brand and that one of our favourite British labels Folk are the sole UK stockists is also a pretty good indication of how good this new label promises to be. So not only can you look forward to wearing loads of ace new coats and jumpers as soon as the temperature drops (i.e. next week), you can also get pretty chuffed about your new undies. Coming soon from:

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