UNEARTHING Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins


How can I describe Unearthing, the book that legendary comic scribe Alan Moore and award-winning photographer Mitch Jenkins have collaborated on documenting the life of Alan’s mate Steve? Well forget about graphic novels and look upon this as more of a suburban acid trip in book form, a trip that begins and ends at Steve’s home of Shooter’s Hill in London whilst taking in the Blitz, failed romances, I ching and shagging apparitions. Much as I enjoyed the book (which I had to read cover to cover straight away) I did come away feeling rather perplexed by all the supernatural goings on that my (small) brain had been exposed to. The only way I can describe it is’ Mike Leigh meets the Aphex Twin but with more beards’. I won’t give any more away as if you’re a fan of the occult/Moore I doubt you’ll be disappointed by this unique piece of work. Though if you are after something more familiar, I can heartily recommend the ‘From Hell Companion’ which is something of a geeky godsend to those of you who (like me)  think that From Hell is not only one of the best graphic novels ever written but also one of the best books full stop.

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