Uniform Bridge AW21 at the 5th

Uniform Bridge might be one of South Korea’s most exciting exports. Like many brands, they take inspiration from vintage military and outdoor gear, but apply those cues to modern, high-quality designs. It’s in the details: angular pockets, waistline toggles, bold collars. 

Importantly, nifty design tricks are employed outside of their usual domains: toggles at the waist aren’t exclusively used on jackets, but grace the corners of shirts and sweaters, extending each item’s wearability. Pockets, both obvious and hidden, find themselves on shirts and sweaters. Each thoughtful trick expands the way in which an item can be worn in the name of a utilitarian ideal. Mind boggling stuff.

The best thing? A lot of the good stuff is on a Black Friday deal at the 5th.

Head over there now to grab some steals.

Uniform Bridge at the 5th.

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