Uniformes Generale – Motel Pack


I’m a sucker for a grey tee with a nice bit of imagery and some old school lettering on it, especially when it’s really limited and comes with loads of free bits and bobs. So as the brighter days approach might I suggest that you check in at the Motel Uniformes Generale? They’ve just released this fine looking tee that (for my money anyway) celebrates all the fun and frolics attached to that symbol of life on the American road. Though the last time I stayed in a motel in the USA, I was suffering from some hardcore sunburn and curiously put a quarter in the vibro-bed I was sleeeping on only to have my rouged body shook into a level of pain I find it hard to describe using a keyboard. Anyway, here’s the deats my fellow limited edition, grey tee fans….

• 1 x limited edition 205gsm heavyweight t-shirt
• 2 x vintage style motel bumper/windshield decals
• 1 x vintage style motel key tag
• 1 x souvenir motel postcard
• Selection of stickers
• Sealed presentation box






Uniformes Generale products are exclusively available 

Priced at £25

Find out more about Uniformes Generale at
twitter/Instagram: UNFRMSGNRL


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