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Everyone loves a bit of excitement in their life don’t they.

Last minute winners, ‘lock-ins’ at your local, finding a two pound coin in the pocket of some jeans you’ve not worn in a bit, the couple winning the speedboat in the end game on Bullseye (where the hell did they keep it?): all dead, dead exciting.

Other times though we don’t want our heart to quicken and race (it bloody does that enough walking up the stairs) instead we need steadiness, dependability, reliableness.

That favourite lp you been listening to since your teens, your first morning brew, a good pint of Guinness: all things where you know what you’re getting and you’re chuffed with the result.

It’s into this second category I’d place Universal Works. Forget the excitement of ‘fashion’ (*spits on floor*) think on about the reliability of ‘function and fit’ and gear that’s well made and items you’ll keep going back to. That’s UW.



The boys over the border at Pavilion Clothing have just cracked open a new delivery of Keyte’s finest to bring a bit of affordable quality to your autumnal wardrobe. Classic Oxford shirts in heavy cotton, a loopback sweat with ace detailing around the collar and cuffs, jersey tees which feel like a cuddle from your mother, soft socks to give your feet a bit of attention – all bits that if don’t bring you out in a sweat of anticipatory exhilaration will definitely make you look and feel better.

But Hilty lad, you say, I need a bit of thrilling arousal, can I get it from UW? My response is simple: Jackets. Like these. Fleece collared and lined, workwear styled and pretty blooming exhilarating.




Check out the rest of the collection at Pavilion Clothing.

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