Universal Works Bobble Hats.

Big fan of the bobble hat. You see, if you are somewhat prematurely challenged in the upper follicle department like myself, when the winter comes, you tend to feel the nip in your balding bonse more than those of you lucky enough to have dodged the bullet of male pattern baldness.

So, with the money saved from not having to pay get my wig bashed on a regular basis, it might as well be spent on hats keeping the scalp toasty. Thankfully, Universal Works have a cracking array of bobble hats to see me right through to the big thaw next March/April. You’ve got the Airforce (pale blue) and Navy Basket Knits, stripey numbers in the 7GG in black/white/grey or red/white/grey and the Aran in both Basket and Honeycomb textures. Even if you do have a finely quaffed barnet, these will keep the heat in and the elements out, either on the ski slopes, or on a wet Wednesday night away at Scunthorpe. My top pick is the Basket Knit in raisin; although with my Red ZX700’s and Andorra Norse Elka, I may end up walking the streets looking like an actual plum.

Get them here.





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