Universal Works Bucket hats @ The Liquor Store

The world of #menswear has decided that Fishermans hats are now known as bucket hats. That’s fine. I’m not bothered. The fact they don’t look like fucking buckets could be seen as an issue by some but not by me. I’m fine with it (Granted they don’t look like fishermen either but you’re just being silly thinking that). A person who was really bothered would point out that they’re actually Greek Fishermans hats but they’d be wasting their breath tbh.



Universal Works make great bucket (ffs) hats. They make great hats full-stop to be fair but their bucket (ffs) hats are spot-the-fuck-on. The eye-catcher at is the floral-print hat in navy. I’m getting Jamaican Rocksteady, Acid House and Talented Mr Ripley vibes…off just the one hat! I know! For the less florally-inclined the hat comes in plain sea blue and navy blue. Made in Britain from 100% cotton, it’s as suave and sexy a summer hat as you’ll see all year.

When you’re sharing a headgear palette with the likes of Ray Mears, Reni and Bill Oddie you’re setting the bar pretty high but Universal Works titfers will ensure that you will have a chance of reaching that bar and rolling with the greats. (Ernest Hemingway liked a bucket hat (though he DEFINATELY called them Greek Fishermans hats) but I’ve never been quite sure about Hemingway).





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