Universal Works: Bumper Boot

Bumper_Boot-9“Here they are…. they’re the plimsolls of the Universal Works.”  Yes I know they’re not really plimsolls but I’ve been listening to a lot of Queen lately and couldn’t resist bringing the Highlander soundtrack into this. Any way UW are currently on something of a desert boot homage, with the Bumper being the first in a series of their take on the legendary suede shoe. The high quality Portuguese suede here is lined with luxe leather with an (Italian) rubber rather than crepe sole with the nice touch of a chunky leather heel cup making it a recognisably Universal Works product.  The bumper boot comes in 4 colours – flint, brown, navy and sand with 2 sets of laces in both leather and coated cotton. Just the kind of thing you’d want on your feet when having a katana-wielding street battle with one of your fellow immortals.


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