Universal Works SS21

Inspired by a (pre-Covid) fabric sourcing trip to India where UW head honcho David Keyte came across an amazing reggae sound system in downtown Delhi, the SS21 collection from Universal Works is a cool and deadly affair. Here’s what DK had to say about this unexpected discovery:

The soundsystem (and the crew running it) that I came to learn were ‘Bass Foundation Roots’, blew me away. In a time of much nationalism and political isolationism in India, and globally, they played amazing reggae to a backdrop of activism. For togetherness, for tolerance, for a sense of community and BFR’s slogan of “no borders, no nations, just people” along with super loud dub beats, the messages were all positive. I felt the memories of the sound systems I had seen back as a young man in Birmingham. It was more like the feeling of an early ‘The Clash’ gig in London than a party night in Delhi. To see and hear the BFR with its enormous stack of speakers outside in the dirt yard with a youthful and eager dancing Delhi crowd was a revelation. All this atmosphere, all the cool night air full of deep bass beats was inspiring, feeling new and young yet with timeless sounds.”  

Clearly impressed by this experience David designed the SS21 collection by combining the exotic influences of India with the colourful vibes of the caribbean. Complimented by lots of loose fitting silhouettes, with paisley patterns and loud prints paired with the richness of linens and softness of Terry alongside the core basics of canvas and twill. I don’t know about you but seeing this gear has not just made me want some new threads but also given me a hankering for some spicy food and some BIG basslines.

Check out the brand new UW SS21 collection here.

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